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Singer Fran O’Rourke and guitarist John Feeley perform Irish traditional songs featured in Joyce’s writings.

James Joyce’s guitar (c. 1830) is widely known from a famous photograph taken in 1915 by Joyce’s friend Ottacaro Weiss in Zurich (search “James Joyce guitar”). Joyce gave the instrument to his friend Paul Ruggiero in the late ’30s. Ruggiero donated it to the Joyce Museum in Sandycove in 1966. It was restored in March 2012 by renowned luthier Gary Southwell courtesy of facilities provided by the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks.


A CD of the live concert hosted by the Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco, on St Patrick’s Day 2016 is now available. The following songs are included: Cruiscín Lán, Éamonn a’ Chnoic, Lass of Aughrim, Brian O’Linn, Last Rose of Summer, Croppy Boy, Down by the Salley Gardens, Slán le Máigh / A Long Farewell, and Siúil A Rún.

Also three instrumental tracks including one played on James Joyce’s guitar.

The CD is accompanied by a 20 page booklet containing full song texts and comprehensive notes.

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About Phaedrus


Image courtesy of the Penn Museum, object no. 31-19-3.

Phaedrus was a character in Plato’s dialogues on beauty, love and the soul

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